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Company Profile

JDC Group AG (ISIN: DE000A0B9N37) offers a digital platform for insurance, investment funds and all other financial products and services under the brands Jung, DMS & Cie., allesmeins and Geld.de.

By offering and processing all product providers of the financial market with a complete product range and complete data and document supply, it creates the perfect workplace for financial intermediaries of all kinds (brokers, representatives, affiliated intermediaries, banks, exclusivity organizations, FinTechs) and the first real financial home for financial services customers via its vision systems and interfaces.

Via smartphone app, tablet or PC, customers and intermediaries receive a complete overview of the individual insurance and fund portfolio, simple closing routes and transfer options and also a complete market comparison, so that customers and advisors can easily optimize their insurance portfolio and commissions in an ideal performance-cost ratio.

About 300 well-trained consultants under the FiNUM brand complement the platform offering for demanding and upscale private customers. With more than 16,000 connected platform users, around 1.5 million customers, annual sales of around two billion euros, a fund portfolio of over five billion euros and annual insurance premiums of 850 million euros, we are one of the market leaders in the German-speaking world.

JDC is committed to sustainability and is committed to ESG criteria: As a digitization service provider, JDC helps to save many tons of paper and make everyday life easier for financial intermediaries and customers.

Company information

Founding date: 26.01.2004
ISIN / WKN / Abbr.: DE000A0B9N37 / A0B9N37 / JDC
Market segment: Scale (Open Market)
End of financial year: 31.12.
Accounting principles: Year-end closing after IFRS
Quantity of shares: 13.668.461 shares
Capital stock: 13.668.461 Euro

Dr. Sebastian Grabmaier: Corporate Strategy, IR, HR, Regulatoy Affairs, Products
Ralph Konrad: Finance, Legal/Compliance/Risk, Data Protection, IT and Investment Management/M&A
Marcus Rex: Sales, marketing, project and sales partner management

Supervisory Board
Jens Harig (Chairman)
Prof. Dr. Markus Petry (Vice Chairman)
Claudia Haas
Markus Drews
Dr. Igor Radovic
Dr. Peter Boße

Share structure (as of: 24.01.2024)
Shareholders: shares current in %
Great-West Lifeco 26,9 %
Management 11,2 %
Versicherungskammer Bayern 6,0 %
Provinzial 6,0 %
Freefloat 49,3 %
JDC (own shares): 0,6 %​

Trading information
Specialist: ICF BANK AG
Enrolee: Flatex Bank AG
Capital Market Partner: Krammer Jahn Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB
Designated Sponsor: mwb fairtrade Wertpapierhandelsbank AG

Sustainability Report

Share repurchase

Information on the share buyback programme of JDC Group AG

On November 10, 2023, the Management Board of JDC Group AG, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, resolved to buy back a maximum of up to 350,000 treasury shares of JDC Group AG via the stock exchange. The total volume of the share buyback is set at a maximum of EUR 5 million excluding incidental costs. The buyback program is to be completed by 15 May 2024 at the latest.

The shares will be acquired via the stock exchange. The buyback will be conducted by an investment firm or a credit institution in accordance with the safe harbor provisions of Article 5 of Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 16, 2014 in conjunction with the provisions of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 of March 8, 2016. The commissioned investment firm or credit institution will make its decisions on the timing of the share buyback independently and uninfluenced by JDC Group AG. The consideration per share paid by the company (excluding incidental acquisition costs) may not exceed the price of a JDC Group share determined by the opening auction in Xetra trading (or a comparable successor system) on the trading day by more than 10% and may not fall below it by more than 20%.

The resolution follows the authorization of the Annual General Meeting on 27 July 2022 to acquire treasury shares. The shares can be used for all purposes specified in the authorization of the Annual General Meeting. This also includes the use of the shares as consideration in connection with the acquisition of companies and the servicing of employee participation programs.

The buyback program is carried out in compliance with the provisions of Articles 5, 14 and 15 of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 (Market Abuse Regulation) in conjunction with the provisions of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 of 8 March 2016 (Delegated Regulation), with the exception of the purpose of the buyback. This is broader than provided for in Art. 5 para. 2 of the Market Abuse Regulation.

Announcement Stock Buy-Back Programme (PDF)


Overview of acquisitions made under the buy-back programme
(pursuant to Art. 5 para. 3 of Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 in connection with Art. 2 para. Art. 2 para. 2 and 3 of Del. Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1052)

DatumZurückgekaufte Aktien (Stück)Durchschnittspreis (in EUR)Kurswert gesamt (in EUR)Transaktionen

Share-repurchase Archive

Analysts’ assessments

The following list includes those banks and organizations regularly compiling reports on JDC Group AG. This list makes no claim to be complete.

UnternehmenAnalystDatumTitelKursziel (EUR)Empfehlung
Edison E. de Jong17.04.23JDC Group — Strong results in a difficult market32,5
Hauck & AufhäuserT. Wunderlich13.04.23FY 22 ending with a whimper30,0buy
StifelB. Kohnke29.03.23Market headwinds should prove temporary30,0buy
StifelB. Kohnke10.03.2220% growth beyond 2022 readsreassuringly38,0buy
StifelB. Kohnke28.11.22A plethora of growth opportunities rendermid-term targets highly conservative31,0buy
StifelB. Kohnke28.01.22Still a stock to own in 202238buy
StifelB. Kohnke14.10.21Travel but far from arriving – PT raise to €3737buy
Hauck & AufhäuserT. Wunderlich29.09.21On track for further outperformance; chg. est. & PT42buy
Kepler ChevreuxO. Calvet28.09.21VKB takes a c.4% stake through a EUR10.7m capital increase10,1hold
Hauck & AufhäuserT. Wunderlich21.09.21Roadshow reveals upside to growth expectations32buy
StifelB. Kohnke30.04.21A leader in German Insurtech – but not valued as such21buy
Hauck & AufhäuserT. Wunderlich09.03.21Conference Call Feedback: growth story to unfold22buy
Hauck & AufhäuserT. Wunderlich15.02.21A transformative deal; Up to BUY22buy
Kepler ChevreuxO. Clavet12.02.21Strategic shift with Provinzial Group10,1hold
Hauck & AufhäuserT. Wunderlich24.11.20Soft Q3, Guidance cut; down to HOLD on valuation10hold
StifelB. Kohnke19.11.20Just at the very beginning of its growth trajectory13buy
Kepler CheuvreuxO. Clavet16.11.20Q3 results, FY sales guidance taken down a notch7,8buy
EdisonE. de Jong26.08.20Business model proves resilient to COVID-198buy
StifelB. Kohnke05.05.20Winning in the crisis – Bancassurance is driving the business9buy
StifelB. Kohnke23.11.19JDC remains an underappreciated growth story9outperform
Kepler CheuvreuxO. Clavet21.11.19Solid Q3 results7,7buy
MainfirstB. Kohnke27.08.19Outsourcing partner business is set to accelerate9outperform
Hauck & AufhäuserT. Wunderlich26.08.19Q2 out: Solid across the board; FY guidance confirmed7,3buy
MainfirstB. Kohnke31.07.19InsurTech at an inflection point – initiate with Outperform9outperform
EDISONM. Papst09.05.19White label solutions attract new clients6,8buy

Financial analysis

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Ad Hoc Disclosures

4. Oktober 2023 Jung, DMS & Cie. Pool GmbH: Issuance of a new corporate bond with a total volume of up to €25 million with exchange offer
28. September 2023 JDC Group AG sells own shares to Provinzial Group
23. December 2022 JDC Group AG completes share buyback programme according to schedule
13. November 2022 JDC Group AG: Adjustment of the forecast for the fiscal year 2022
1. July 2022 JDC Group agrees to form a long-term brokerage joint venture with Bain Capital and Canada Life Irish Holding Company Limited.
14. June 2022 Correction: JDC Group AG decides on buyback programme for own shares
14. June 2022 JDC Group AG decides on buyback programme for own shares
27. September 2021 JDC Group AG decided to increase its share capital excluding shareholders’ subscription rights and plans cooperation with public insurance company Versicherungskammer Group
28. June 2021 JDC Group AG and Provinzial Konzern establish joint venture Einfach Gut Versichert GmbH
11. February 2021 JDC Group AG and Provinzial Group agree on the creation of a joint venture and sign a letter of intent
30. Juli 2020 JDC Group AG beendet plangemäß Rückkaufprogramm für eigene Aktien
10. März 2020 JDC Group veröffentlicht vorläufige Zahlen
28. Oktober 2019 Issuance of a secured 5.5 % corporate bond with a total volume of up to EUR 25 million with exchange offer
29. Juli 2019 JDC Group AG approves buy-back programme for its own shares in a volume of up to 656,423 shares worth a maximum of EUR 5 mil.
26. März 2019 New material shareholder in JDC Group AG
24. August 2018 JDC Group successfully places cash capital increase among institutional investors
23. August 2018 JDC Group decides on cash capital increase excluding subscription rights of up to about ten percent of share capital
31. Januar 2018 JDC Group plans Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
13. November 2017 JDC Group AG: Jung, DMS & Cie. Pool GmbH and Albatros Versicherungsdienste GmbH sign a five-year contract
31. August 2017 Jung, DMS & Cie. Pool GmbH and Albatros Versicherungsdienste GmbH plan for long-term cooperation and sign a declaration of intent.


Financial Reports

8. November 2023
10. August 2023
11. May 2023
31. March 2023
14. November 2022
10. August 2022
12. May 2022
31. March 2022
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Financial Calendar

8 March 2024Preliminary financial results 2023
8 March 2024Earnings Call Financial Year 2023
28 March 2024Consolidated Financial Statements 2023

15 May 2024
First Quarter 2024 letter to shareholders
Earnings Call First Quarter 2024 letter to shareholders
18 July 20242024 Annual General Meeting
14 August 2024Interim Report for First Half of 2024 Financial Year
Earnings Call Interim Report for First Half of 2024 Financial Year
14 November 2024Interim Report for First Half of 2024 Financial Year
Earnings Call Interim Report for First Half of 2024 Financial Year

Annual General Meeting

24. July 2023 Abstimmungsergebnisse der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 20. Juli 2023
13. June 2023 Einladung zur ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 20. Juli 2023
27. July 2022 Abstimmungsergebnisse der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 27. Juli 2022
17. June 2022 Einladung zur ordentlichen (virtuellen) Hauptversammlung am 27. Juli 2022
8. September 2021 Abstimmungsergebnisse der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 2. September 2021
26. July 2021 Einladung zur ordentlichen (virtuellen) Hauptversammlung am 2. September 2021
2. November 2020 Abstimmungsergebnisse der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 30. Oktober 2020
2. Oktober 2020 Erweiterung der Tagesordnung der Hauptversammlung 2020
23. September 2020 Einladung zur ordentlichen (virtuellen) Hauptversammlung am 30. Oktober 2020
3. September 2019 Abstimmungsergebnisse der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 30. August 2019
24. July 2019 Einladung zur ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 30.08.2019
5. September 2018 Abstimmungsergebnisse der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 24. August 2018
12. July 2018 Einladung zur ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 24.08.2018 (OHV 2018)
14. August 2017 Abstimmungsergebnisse der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 30. Juni 2017
19. May 2017 Einladung zur ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 30.06.2017
1. September 2016 Abstimmungsergebnisse der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 31. August 2016
25. July 2016 Einladung zur ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 31. August 2016
29. July 2015 Abstimmungsergebnisse der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 24. Juli 2015
29. April 2015 Einladung ordentliche Hauptversammlung am 24. Juli 2015
15. July 2014 Abstimmungsergebnisse der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 15. Juli 2014
29. January 2014 Einladung zur ordentlichen Hauptversammlung der Aragon AG am 15. Juli 2014
27. August 2013 Abstimmungsergebnis der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 27.08.2013
29. January 2013 Einladung Hauptversammlung 27. August 2013 mit Vorstandsberichten
3. August 2012 Abstimmungsergebnis der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 03.08.2012
29. January 2012 Einladung zur ordentlichen Hauptversammlung Aragon AG
29. July 2011 Abstimmungsergebnis der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung vom 29.07.2011
29. January 2011 Einladung zur ordentlichen Hauptversammlung der Aragon Aktiengesellschaft
12. July 2010 Abstimmungsergebnisse der Hauptversammlung vom 12.07.2010
29. January 2010 Einladung zur Ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 12.07.2010
29. May 2009 Abstimmungsergebnisse der Hauptversammlung am 29.05.2009
29. January 2009 Einladung zur Ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 29.05.2009
2. June 2008 Abstimmungsergebnisse der Hauptversammlung vom 02.06.2008
29. January 2008 Einladung zur Ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 02.06.2008
29. June 2007 Abstimmungsergebnisse der Hauptversammlung vom 29.06.2007
29. January 2007 Einladung zur Ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 29.06.2007
23. August 2006 Abstimmungsergebnisse der Hauptversammlung vom 23.08.2006
29. January 2006 Einladung zur Ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 23.08.2006

Key Figures

Continuing operations in kEUR12 months 202212 months 2021Year-on-year change in %
of which Advisortech segment132,854121,0239.78%
of which Advisory segment34,72035,696-2.73%
of which Holding/Consolidation segment-13,561-9,91136.83%
operational Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)8,9668,3087.92%
operational Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)2,9142,9110.10%
Earnings before taxes (EBT)1,1021,406-21.62%
Net income9399043.87%
Equity in mEUR36,97138,817-4.76%
Equity ratio in %32.731.9


Ralf Funke
Head of Investor Relations

JDC Group AG
Söhnleinstraße 8
65201 Wiesbaden

Fon: +49 (0)611 335322-00
Fax: +49 (0)611 335322-09
E-mail: ir@jdcgroup.de

Articles of Association


The company’s shares are not admitted to trading on the regulated market, or included in the regulated market, instead they are part of the Scale trade, a part of the Open Market (Regulated Unofficial Market) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Investors must be aware of the fact that in this part of the Open Market, Europe’s unified high transparency standards and strict provisions for investor protection in organized markets do not apply. Copying and forwarding information from the following web sites is prohibited.If you please confirm with one click the box “I accept”, that you read and accepted the before mentioned warning notices, in order to access the favored content.