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Data and digitilization service provider in the financial and insurance industry
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Innovation with experience. Jung, DMS & Cie. - Service and Technology Platform for Brokers, Consultants and Distributors
Finum Finanzhaus
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Wherever your journey takes you, FiNUM.Finanzhaus accompanies you on all paths
Finum Privatefinance
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At FiNUM, our consultants enjoy the great freedom to advise as they see fit.
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GELD.de - our online comparison platform for direct customer service
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JDC Group: Platform for Advisortech & Bancassurance.
The future of financial sales in personal and digital. 

In the “Advisortech” business unit, we provide our customers and advisors with modern advisory and administration technology using the Jung, DMS & Cie. Groups. While many sales and distribution partners perceive technological transformation as a problem and the new Fintech companies as the new competitors, we perceive the “technology” factor to be a great opportunity. Solutions from the “Advisortech” business unit will help advisors in the future to take even better care of their customers and generate increased sales in their earnings. In the “Advisory” segment, we convey financial products to private end customers and corporate customers via free advisors, brokers and financial distributors using the FiNUM Group.

With over 16,000 connected sales partners, a portfolio of more than EUR 4.5 billion and around EUR 1.5 billion in product sales each year, we are one of the market leaders in the German-speaking area.


Driven by technological innovation, the global financial services market will see further structural change in the years ahead. That is why this segment offers the greatest added value for our shareholders. At Euro 4.5 trillion, insurance and financial services account for around 8 percent of global GDP and are thus one of the world’s most lucrative markets. Having said this, the financial sector is subject to strict supervision and regulation, a factor that often creates insurmountable barriers to entry for start-up companies. Not only that, financial products are often highly complex. This means that trust and branding are absolutely necessary – and these take time to acquire. That is why traditional banks and insurers were previously almost immune to digital competitors. Now, however, consumers are growing ever more accustomed to digital services. In the e-commerce sector, it all began with simple, standardized products such as books, but these days complex products such as travel, apparel and electronics goods are also being sold via the internet. Now the digital revolution has finally reached complex, trust-based goods, such as financial services. New technologies and changing client behavior are triggering a rapid and fundamental transformation in the financial and financial sales markets.

In our “Advisortech” segment, we are offering modern advisory and administration technologies for our clients and advisors in our Jung, DMS & Cie Group. Many sales operations and sales partners see technological change as a problem and view new fintech companies as competitors. We see the “technology” factor as a great opportunity. In future, the solutions offered by our “Advisortech” segment will help advisors to support their clients even more closely and thus generate higher sales. After all, in conjunction with our well-established “Jung, DMS & Cie” and “FiNUM” brands we see the “human factor” as absolutely indispensable in this trust-based business.

JDC Group is therefore developing proprietary technology-based tools to support its sales activities. It is also active in the market as a strategic investor in financial technology and advisory technology companies. The acquisition of established technology companies represents one conceivable component of the company’s strategy.

In its traditional Advisory segment, JDC Group and its FiNUM-Group market financial products to private end clients via independent advisors, brokers, and financial sales operations.

With its subsidiaries FiNUM.Private Finance AG in Berlin, FiNUM.Private Finance AG in Vienna and FiNUM.Finanzhaus AG in Wiesbaden, FiNUM Private Finance Holding GmbH operates as an independent financial and asset manager advisor to sophisticated, high net worth clients. With around 230 brokers in Germany and Austria, FiNUM advises clients across all asset classes. With commission income of more than Euro 25 million, FiNUM is one of the leading advisors to sophisticated clients in German-speaking countries.

Board of Directors

Dr. Sebastian Grabmaier (CEO)

Dr. Sebastian Grabmaier chairs the Management Board of JDC Group AG and is responsible, among other things, for Corporate Strategy, Public Relations, Human Resources, New Markets/Innovations, Regulatory Affairs, as well as for the Investment/Asset Management and Equity Investments product management. Dr. Sebastian Grabmaier is also a member of the Management Board of Jung, DMS & Cie. AG and FiNUM. Finanzhaus AG.

He studied law at the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich and the University of Chicago, receiving a doctorate in law (Dr. jur.) in 2001. Having worked in law firms in Munich and Sydney from 1992 onwards, he joined the Allianz Group in 1999, serving in various positions up to 2001 including that of assistant to the Management Board and branch manager at Allianz Private Krankenversicherung AG.

At the same time, he continued to study at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, the Vlerick-Leuven Business School in Belgium and the University of Nyenrode in the Netherlands, graduating with an MBA in Financial Services & Insurance in 2002.

Ralph Konrad (CFO)

Ralph Konrad holds a degree in business administration and is responsible on the Management Board for IT, Processes Operation&Advisor Services, Commission Accounting, Finance, Legal/Compliance/Audit, Risk, Data Protection and Investment Management. Ralph Konrad is also a member of the Management Board of Jung, DMS & Cie. AG and Managing Director of JDC Geld.de GmbH.

After two years of corporate consultancy work in the SME sector (simultaneously serving an internship), Ralph Konrad worked for three years at a venture capital company of the savings banks, initially as a project assistant and then as project manager. In these roles, he implemented growth and venture financing projects. Ralph Konrad then set up a holding company based in Cologne as a partnership, where he was the sole Management Board member for a period of four years. Ralph Konrad has been a member of the JDC Group Management Board since September 2005. He has more than 20 years of experience in the private equity industry and has played an active role in IPOs, mergers and acquisitions and company restructuring projects.

Marcus Rex (CSO / CMO)

Marcus Rex ist im Vorstand als erfahrener Digitalplattform-Experte für die Ressorts Vertrieb, Marketing, Produktmanagement Versicherungen, Finanzierungen und bAV, Service Center sowie Projekt- und Vertriebspartnermanagement verantwortlich.

Er verfügt über mehr als 25 Jahre Erfahrung in verschiedenen Managementpositionen im Bereich Banken, Versicherungen und Finanzdienstleistung. Darunter acht Jahre als Senior Vice President bei der Interhyp AG. Dort war er für den Aufbau das Privatkunden- und später für das Vermittlergeschäft verantwortlich. Als CEO Germany führte er die Bayview Lending Group, Miami, in den deutschen Markt ein. Als Gründungvorstand etablierte er einen Immobilienfinanzierungsvertrieb im Franchising. Bevor Marcus Rex im Januar 2019 in den Vorstand der 100-prozentigen Hypoport-Tochter SmartInsurTech AG berufen wurde, war er drei Jahre als Geschäftsführer der PlanetHome Group GmbH für das Immobilienfinanzierungs- und Ratenkreditgeschäft sowie das Group Marketing verantwortlich. Vor seinen Eintritt in den Vorstand der JDC Group AG im Juni 2023 verantwortete er Anfang 2021 als Chief Sales Officer Insurance Market das weitere Wachstum bei Hypoport im Segment der Versicherungsplattform.

Data & Facts

Billions of euros in assets under management (AuA)

Millions of customers


Billion euro annual net premium


Söhnleinstraße 8, 65201 Wiesbaden

    I have read the data protection. I consent to my information and data being collected and stored electronically for the purpose of answering/processing my inquiry. I can revoke this consent at any time for the future by e-mail to info@jdcgroup.de.